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Q. What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

A. A broadband (high speed Internet) connection is required. This can be through ADSL or a local area network. Then you will need to choose between either software that runs on your computer or a seperate phone. Other than the USB Phone, all other hardware will require an ethernet connection. The phone can be an IP Phone or a regular phone that communicates via a gateway that we supply. (This option is preferred if you want to keep using your existing PABX or cordless phone) See here .

TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect is supplied with hardware which remains the property of TALKSCAPE™ at all times. We will also supply a broadband connection. You may need to supply or TALKSCAPE™ can supply a technician to integrate 1Connect into your phone system.


Q. Will the hardware work immediately when it is plugged into my network?

A. Hardware supplied by us will be configured before shipping. Some ADSL equipment may also need to have certain ports opened so that the service will work.


Q. If I choose an ATA or a gateway, what type of phone can I use?

A. You can use any DECT, cordless or analogue phone.


Q. How long does it take to receive the hardware once I order it?

A. The hardware will be configured and despatched to you within 2 - 7 days.


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