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Q. Is there a minimum contract period?

A. The TALKSCAPE™ VoIP service has a minimum commitment of 1 month.

TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect has a minimum commitment of 24 months.


Q. How much does TALKSCAPE™ cost?

A. Other than the cost of any hardware you will use, the only other cost for TALKSCAPE™ VoIP is the monthly plan fee and any call charges.

TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect has a free setup as well as providing a free broadband service. The only fees are the monthly line rental charges and plan fees. Also call charges over and above those included in the plan fees are payable.


Q. How am I billed for my first account?

A. You will be billed for all hardware and provisioning fees upfront. Your first month's invoice will be a pro rata amount of your chosen plan based on the date your service is activated until the end of that month. Your call inclusions will also be based on the same pro rata calculation. Your second and subsequent monthly charge will be a full month charge as well as full month call inclusion.


Q. Can I change my plan anytime?

A. You can change your plan no more than once per month. There is a Service Modification Fee of $25 applied to your account for each change.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Payment may be made by credit card only. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express & Diners.


Q. What is the benefit of opening 2 TALKSCAPE™ VoIP accounts?

A. The only thing better than one TALKSCAPE™ VoIP account is 2 TALKSCAPE™ VoIP accounts!!! No matter how long you talk for and no matter where in the world both parties are, the call is absolutely FREE! The reason that we are able to do this is because both parties are on our network and so the call never needs to touch the telephone companies. Therefore, as we are not billed by them, we in turn don't charge you a cent!


Q. What other rates apply to using TALKSCAPE™?

A. Aside from our published call rates for regular calls, there are other rates for special calls. The most common are below however if you have other special call types, please contact us for the rates.

Service Prefix Rate
Emergency 000 $0.00
Directory Assistance (local & national) 01223 $0.60
Directory Assistance (international) 01225 $0.60
Local Rate Service 13 $0.30
Local Rate Service 1300 $0.30
Freephone Service 1800 $0.00
Yellow Pages Call Connect 12451 $1.50 +10c/min


Q. What is a DID?

A. A DID is a direct indial number which essentially is a regular phone number which people can call you on from any phone, ie (02) 9999 xxxx. They don't need to be TALKSCAPE™ VoIP subscribers. Without a DID, you can only make outgoing calls over the internet or receive incoming calls from other TALKSCAPE™ VoIP users or via your regular phone line.


Q. Can I terminate my service anytime?

A. You may terminate your TALKSCAPE™ VoIP service by giving us 1 month's written notification. This may be via post, fax or email.

TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect has a minimum service period of 24 months afterwhich time the service may be terminated with 1 month's written notice. Penalties apply for early termination.



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